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At Towne Properties, we love what we do. When we were still a young company back in the 1960’s, we realized that our residents wanted more than just a place to hang their hat. They want to enjoy a sense of community. To belong. To love where they live. So for us, it’s not just about building and managing apartments. With every project we build, and in every community we manage, our goal is to create a sense of community and become part of the bigger community, the neighborhood, the city, and the region. Becoming an integral part of the communities in which we operate is two-fold. The first element is giving back to the community to support others both on a corporate level and a grass roots level with our residents. The second ongoing initiative is giving back to the planet by incorporating green initiatives wherever we can.

Great Places to Give

Giving isn’t just about a company writing a fat check to a charity. Although we’re proud of the support we provide to ArtsWave, Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (we were their first corporate team in 1998, and have been an active contributor and fund-raiser since then), and United Way on a corporate level, Towne Properties is most proud of the grass roots fundraising by our associates and our residents. From Beck’s Bakery bake sales to Crawl for a Cure our associates and residents have raised tens of thousands for charities throughout all the metropolitan areas in which we do business. And every year our residents help us give back through our annual Great Places to Give campaign.  Here is how we give back at Indian Creek:

Green Living

Towne Properties is proud to have constructed Cincinnati’s first LEED certified apartment community at DeSales Flats in East Walnut Hills. But “being green” or “going green” encompasses so much more. Energy and water efficiency improvements can save our residents money while also having a positive impact on the environment. So from making our apartment homes more efficient with LED lighting and low flow shower heads and commodes, to community gardens and recycling, we encourage each community to choose its own path and invite participation among its residents. Here are some of the steps taken at Indian Creek:


•    Pole lights, carport lights, and hallway lights are all LED.
•    Water-saver toilets, shower heads, and aerators throughout.
•    Office recycling (closed work orders, cardboard, etc.) We also work with Sycamore Township and their Recycling Drop-Off since they have one that is one block away from our property. 
•    Timers on our lights around the property and motion sensor lights in our model. 
•    Articles about conserving water and electricity appear periodically in our monthly newsletter. Residents are encouraged to turn down heat/cooling when they leave out of town to report leaking faucets and running toilets.
•    There are trails around the property for exercise or pet walking. 
•    Our community garden has 30 plots that residents use to plant vegetables, herbs, and flowers. Amenities include a pool, fitness room, tennis courts, basketball court, playground, and we also offer stretching and pickleball classes to keep residents moving. 
•    Appliances are unplugged in any vacant apartments. 
•    In general, we have a lot of trees and plants on the property (which is rare in Kenwood). 
•    Our Pub has stopped giving straws and napkins unless the patron specifically asks for one to help reduce waste. The Pub is also starting to use paper plates made from recycled materials. 
•    Lights are off in any office not being used. 


•    Although our team and residents participate in United Way and ArtsWave, our community is passionate about Light the Night which benefits the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. We host multiple events during the year to raise money for that organization including raffles and a Bistro dinner, a Reds Raffle basket during Opening Day, and a BIG summer party poolside. Our goal is to give more every year to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. 
•    Every winter our residents participate in a food drive which benefits local food banks through the Greater Cincinnati Northern Kentucky Apartment Association’s Outreach; many residents leave a bag of food outside their door with a donation on a given day for collection. Our amazing residents also donated to help with Hurricane Harvey through Matthew 25 Ministries. Next, we plan to start donating leftover food from events to local homeless shelters.